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Wed 20 Mar 2024 19:00 - 22:00 at Meeting Room D136 - Workshop

Competencies are knowledge, skills, and dispositions that enable professionals to successfully perform a goal-oriented task. A traditional education model focuses primarily on presenting and assessing knowledge, with student performance represented by grades. The Competency-Based Education (CBE) model focuses on each student developing and being able to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions. This implies a difference in the approach towards curriculum (content) as well as pedagogy (methods of teaching) and assessment.

This workshop will introduce basic concepts of competencies and CBE. We will present a competency list derived from research on computing professionals’ experiences. Participants will develop a spiral curriculum and (re)design a course to purposefully integrate cross-disciplinary skills (e.g., communication) and dispositions (e.g., perseverance), along with computing skills.

Takeaways will include: (1) an understanding of what competencies and CBE are, and what pedagogical and assessment approaches may align with CBE; (2) a document that integrates competencies across a spiral curriculum; and (3) a plan for (re)designing one of their courses. Collaborative ideation will be used to help generate ideas for each participant’s unique context and goals.

Higher education faculty/instructors and administrators who would like to learn more about competencies and apply CBE practices to their own program/course will find the most benefit from this workshop. Multiple people from the same program are encouraged to attend, allowing them to consider how they can plan for integrating competencies across their program-level curriculum.

Please bring internet-enabled laptops/comparably sized devices, choose a course to (re)design, and have access to relevant course materials.

Wed 20 Mar

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