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This program is tentative and subject to change.

Thu 21 Mar 2024 10:45 - 12:00 at Portland Ballroom 252 - Special Session: Microteaching

This microteaching session is like Nifty Assignments for instruction. Instead of having the presenters just talk about their teaching, they will simulate how they would actually teach something. Covering a range of topics and grade levels, six educators will demo how they would teach a specific topic. To help identify the pedagogical practices that cut across grade bands and topics, the moderator, Colleen Lewis, will describe how their pedagogical practices connect with education research. The goal of the session is to inspire SIGCSE attendees by highlighting innovative instruction by exceptional educators. Attendees can adopt the content and/or pedagogical practices from each microteaching example.

This program is tentative and subject to change.

Thu 21 Mar

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10:45 - 12:00
Special Session: MicroteachingSpecial Sessions at Portland Ballroom 252
Microteaching: Binary Heaps, Side-Channel Attacks, Equitable Grading, Java Classes, Loops, and 3D Java
Special Sessions
Colleen M. Lewis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cynthia Lee Stanford University, Adam Blank Caltech, Maria Camarena Maywood Center for Enriched Studies, Manuel Hernandez Bell Gardens High School, Frank Vahid UC Riverside / zyBooks