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Enrollment in CS courses and programs continues to be high. According to the 2022 CRA Taulbee Survey, in 2022, the four-year enrollment trend showed median enrollments were at their highest levels in the intro course for the major as well as the mid-level and upper-level courses. 2022 also saw increases in both gender and racial/ethnic diversity. To meet this increasingly diverse demand, many Ph.D. granting departments have added or are actively recruiting full-time teaching faculty (typically with academic rank) to their faculty. Many institutions have recently created career ladders and promotion processes for teaching faculty. This whole-day event will focus on the professional development of teaching-track faculty (professor of practice, instructor, clinical faculty, lecturer, etc.) in Ph.D. granting departments. The event fills a crucial need as many departments still have limited experience on how to mentor, evaluate, and promote this new type of faculty. The sessions will focus on how teaching faculty can strategize their involvement in departmental as well as research activities, different forms of scholarship and leadership activities to pursue, and best practices for success, promotion, and advancement. The event will largely follow an “unconference” format, where attendees will select 4-5 topics to focus on throughout the event and will self organize into groups to provide peer mentoring and to collect advice for professional development. Event organizers will be present to facilitate discussions, and the event will also include a more structured panel discussion with senior teaching-track faculty members, as well as administrators involved in the hiring and promotion of teaching-track faculty. After the panel discussion, panelists will break out into smaller groups to have more focused discussions with attendees.

Wed 20 Mar

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08:30 - 15:30
Professional Development Pre-Symposium Event for Teaching-Track Faculty
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Geoffrey Herman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Logan Paul Indiana University Bloomington, Borja Sotomayor University of Chicago, Lisa Yan University of California, Berkeley, Jeffrey Turkstra Purdue University, Joshua Weese Kansas State University, Tali Moreshet Boston University