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Your Online Participation GuideMon 18 Mar 2024

With the SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2024 right around the corner, we are excited to have you join us online! You should have received information a few days ago regarding how to log into Whova, our online platform. Below, you’ll find details to help you navigate and engage with our sessions effectively on Whova and through Zoom:

Tailoring Your Symposium Experience:

Use the “Tracks & Filter” feature in Whova to select a track or a tag, filtering sessions by type or modality. The modality of the sessions are:

  • Hybrid: Offers live online viewing of in-person sessions, with Zoom chat for questions.
  • Online: Presented online and projected at the convention center for in-person attendees; interaction is only through Zoom.
  • Online Only: On Zoom with no in-person component.

Alternatively, you can visit the website to navigate the program, but Zoom links will only be available on Whova.

Accessing Sessions:

You can find the Hybrid and Online Zoom session links directly in Whova agenda; each Online or Hybrid session has a Zoom link and passcode (if required) in its description.

Online Workshops are on Zoom only. Details and Zoom links are sent directly by workshop organizers.

Interactive Features on Whova:

  • Complete Your Profile: Add a bio and profile picture to personalize your interaction.
  • Direct Messages: Locate attendees in the attendee tab and message them privately, exchange info or set up meetings.
  • Community Board: Engage in public chats, share ideas, and connect with others. Find it under the “Community” tab. There is already the Online Attendees topic just for online attendees! And tips for online attendees to get the most out of SIGCSE TS on the Tips to make the most out of the symposium topic.

Engagement During Sessions:

  • During keynotes and hybrid sessions, please type questions in the Zoom chat for the co-chairs or student volunteers to ask on your behalf.
  • During online paper presentations, you have two options to ask questions: (1) use the Zoom chat at any time during the presentation, or (2) wait until the end and unmute your microphone to ask your question verbally. Please ensure your microphone is muted when not speaking.

During the Breaks:

  • Community Circle: Interactive sessions during morning breaks to foster online connections.
  • Don’t miss the SIGCSE TS Coffee Break Show during symposium breaks for updates, discussions, and interviews.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Hybrid Co-chairs (hybrid@sigcse2024.sigcse.org)

Delaram Yazdansepas, Oluwakemi Ola, and Kristin Stephens-Martinez
2024 SIGCSE TS Hybrid Experience Chairs